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stone bridge
Rafting to the Stone Bridge
River-People starts a new offer.
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Boat Rentals
Get a group of your friends and have a lot of fun paddling together as the waves fly over...
upper Neretva rafting
Free Trip
If you organize a rafting trip of 8 or more people, one person will raft for...
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  • Log Cabins

  • Bungalows

Log cabins on the bank of the Upper Neretva River for rent by week or night.
Bungalows at Boracko lake


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Sample imageto the White Water Rafting Club  "River People." This website is dedicated to those who love and appreciate the beauty of  Nature, and to those who are able to recognize their inner, almost forgotten, but well-known gene and spirit of adventure.

We are the newly established rafting club with a long-standing friendship with Nature, the Neretva river and its tributaries, so we have decided to share it with you. We are the only one to offer white water rafting experience on the upper flow of the Neretva river, in explanation, the end point of our rafting trip is actually starting point for the other rafting clubs.

It is about a white water rafting trip across the river Neretva by Colorado boats over many wild ungovernable streams and barriers where you will experience a rise in adrenaline  and the true excitement. The trip is solely through inaccessible parts of the Neretva river which makes this excursion more extreme, unforgettable and  adventurous. The impossibility of coming to starting point (camp Tihalj) by a car displays the degree of the river’s inaccessibility.

If you would like to enjoy in indescribable beauty of untouched nature, and if you are in a search for new challenges and adrenalin injection then you are in the right place.

With our motto:


allow yourself to be lulled to sleep by the gentle gurgling of the river, and awakened by birds chirping.


Rapid Grades

White-water rapids are rated for difficulty, and there are six levels of classification.

  1. Easy Small Waves
  2. Moderate difficulty to clear passage
  3. Difficult high irregular waves, requires precise manouvering
  4. Very difficult with powerful waves
  5. Extremely difficult, experts only
  6. Unrunnable

What to wear

Be prepared to get wet!

We provide the specialized clothing items such as neoprene wetsuit, neoprene boots, life jacket and helmet.
You should wear a swimsuit and non-cotton shirt. A hat and sunglasses with string are recommended too. Do not wear jeans . Sunscreen is recommended (be sure it says waterproof). Bring a change of clothes to change into afterwards.
If you wear glasses, we suggest you use an eyeglass retainer. Don’t wear any jewelry (earrings, necklaces, rings) that you are not prepared to lose to the river. We suggest you don’t bring a camera, unless it’s waterproof.
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